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Commissions Info

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Commission Sheet 1
Commission Sheet 2
Commission Sheet 2


Simple Shading

Bust: 35€  
Waist: 45€  
Fullbody: 55€

Fully Painted

Bust: 45€  
Waist: 55€  
Fullbody: 110€


+50% of base price per additional character & detailed big prop (car, motorbike,... let's discuss!)
no additional fee for simple/abstract background
+25% of base price for detailed background (let's discuss!)

Will do:

⬗ fanart, OCs
⬗ ship art (OCs, canon x canon, OC x canon)
⬗ creatures and animals
⬗ light gore / nudity
⬗ landscapes and scenery

Won't do:

⬗ furries
⬗ machinery, mecha
⬗ incestuous or adult / minor pairings
⬗ ship art of real people
* while I did do portraits previously, I am currently not comfortable in my skill in representing a client's, or a client's loved one(s)'s likeness to offer this as an option, and as such will not do portraits (including selfship images) anymore until I am confident in my ability to do so.

Payment details

Payment Upfront through Paypal Invoices
(you can pay with Paypal or by card!)

expect 1 to 6 weeks for completion depending on the complexity of the piece and my own schedule.  
I reserve myself the right to refuse your commission if I do not feel comfortable.

these prices are for commissions of personal use only. contact me for commercial work so we can discuss fair pricing. making any sort of money off them by: selling them as such or modified, redistributing them as such or modified, taking credits for them, using them in other works which money is made from is strictly forbidden.
all of my commissioned works are digital ONLY. once the commission is finished, you will receive the original completed work via email. Make sure to check your inbox often !

I have an affection for surreal, tender,
and surreal & tender scenes.
Hit me up so we can work together!

check out more of my work here or there (probably more up-to-date...)!